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Native Instruments - Playbox v1.0.1 (KONTAKT)

Native Instruments - Playbox v1.0.1 (KONTAKT)

Native Instruments - Playbox v1.0.1 for KONTAKT переполнен сэмплами, наборами аккордов, эффектами и пресетами и содержит все необходимое для создания музыкальных идей.

Native Instruments - Playbox v1.0.1 for KONTAKT is packed with samples, chord sets, effects and presets and contains everything you need to create musical ideas. PLAYBOX lets you do everything from igniting your creativity to creating the last layer to complete your production.


Native Instruments - Playbox v1.0.1 for Windows


Native Instruments - Playbox v1.0.1 for Mac OS


Native Instruments - Playbox v1.0.1 includes:
PLAYBOX contains over 900 immersive samples packed into six smart cubes and is ready to be created. Randomize all sounds, mix them one chord at a time, or sample them note by note. Repurpose old sample libraries that are gathering dust on your hard drive by dragging up to 450 of your own sounds onto a custom cube. No need to manually tune samples to a chord - PLAYBOX does all the hard work for you.

Draw from a set of deep pads, shimmery strokes, dynamic pulses and layered waves.

A specially selected set of acoustic sampled sounds, including bowed and plucked strings, organs, piano and processed percussion.

An amazing array of subwoofers, rumbles and harsh lows ready to be the backbone of your productions.

An ethereal vox with human sounds that warp and warp to form unique harmonic textures.

Slamming doors, chiming ice cubes, lighting fires and more, a collection of atonal sounds that will give your music layers of character.

Upload up to 450 of your own samples and let PLAYBOX breathe new life into them.

PLAYBOX offers a huge variety of creative options, from beatmakers to composers and everyone in between, with a wide range of sounds right out of the box. Just starting a track? Roll the dice and let PLAYBOX create mesmerizing sounds, inspiring chord sets and happy accidents. Feeling more adventurous? Play with chords, breathe life into old samples and change the sound with built-in effects.

PLAYBOX comes with unique harmonies that can be played with just one finger, meaning you don't need deep knowledge of music theory to create your own custom chord patterns. Explore over 200 included chord sets, then tune individual notes the way you like. You can also directly import MIDI files or play your own chords in piano mode. And once you find the perfect progression, all the chords generated by PLAYBOX can be exported and used for any instrument in your DAW.


Get hands-on experience with a range of effects in one easy-to-use interface. Play with the XY pad for simple sound design, or roll the dice to discover a whole world of presets. Dive deeper with Arp, Strum and Grain effects to add rhythm and texture, and dial in over 50 Ambience samples including forest sounds, bustling stations and vinyl crackling. Choose from 14 high quality effects and experiment with their order in your processing chain for unique results. Gain depth and feel with humanized speed and timing controls, plus a range of assignable modulation sources to keep your sounds moving.

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