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Native Instruments - Session Horns (Kontakt)

Native Instruments Session Horns для Kontakt - универсальный и чрезвычайно полезная библиотека для KONTAKT, которая мгновенно оживит ваши треки. Тромбон, саксофон и две трубы, отбираемые до совершенства и богатые, аутентичные звуки, которые теперь доступны для всех.

Native Instruments Session Horns for Kontakt - versatile and extremely useful sample library section for KONTAKT, which instantly livens up your tracks. Trombone, saxophone and two trumpets sampled to perfection and are rich, authentic sound that is now available to everyone. Virtual Instruments Session Horns, samples containing 4.88 GB brass quartet.


Native Instruments Session Horns part 1

Native Instruments Session Horns part 2

Native Instruments Session Horns part 3

Native Instruments Session Horns part 4


SESSION HORNS is the versatile and playable horn section that will instantly perk up your productions. The trombone, tenor sax and two trumpets have been sampled to perfection and deliver a rich, authentic sound, playable by anyone.
Produced in collaboration with e-instruments, this KONTAKT Instrument features the unique Smart Voice Split function for creating authentic horn arrangements with your keyboard on the fly, no experience needed. Or get inspired with the Animator – a harmonically flexible riff generator. Inject any production with a dynamite sound that will blow you away.
The sound of a tight, modern horn section, SESSION HORNS is aimed at a variety of contemporary genres. Made up of a trombone, a tenor sax and two trumpets, the ensemble was multi-sampled in the highest possible quality using renowned session musicians.
Play the whole four-piece section or divide into classic subsections, playing only two trumpets, or just sax and trombone, for example.
As well as sampling a wide range of articulations,
e-instruments sampled all possible note transitions from all four instruments. These come to play in Legato mode – play melodies and SESSION HORNS automatically handles the note transitions, smoothing the melodies you play and adding a new depth of expression and authenticity.
SESSION HORNS is the express route to authentic horns for producers of any ability. The unique Smart Voice Split automatically allocates each note of a chord to the corresponding brass instrument, just as an arranger would.
Press two keys, and the instruments split into lower and higher ranges – trumpets at the top and sax and trombone at the bottom. Play three keys, and the trombone is automatically mapped to the lowest note. Add a fourth note below, and the trombone takes up the new bass note, while the higher pitches are allocated to the rest of the ensemble.
The inventive Animator function provides an intuitive and inspiring way to jam authentic brass phrases while maintaining real-time control.
The detailed sample base was used to construct over 170 ultra-flexible, playable phrases – licks, stabs and progressions inspired by contemporary productions, covering a wide spectrum of genres and moods. Play a chord with one hand and select phrases with the other to create instant horn accompaniments from funk and pop to reggae, neo-soul, and indie – all phrases are easy to adapt to the track you’re working on, always in sync, and in perfect harmony.
The Animator is an endless source of inspiration, and an ideal starting point for your productions.
Based in Hamburg, Germany, e-instruments specialize in intensely detailed sampled instruments. Thomas Koritke and his team have succeeded in capturing the clarity, sparkle, and liveliness of these horns, using the very best equipment for outstanding sound quality. Every note is expertly played by top horn players, leaving you nothing left to think about except choosing the perfect phrase to fit your production.

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