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Sample Logic - DRUM FURY 2 (KONTAKT)

Sample Logic - DRUM FURY 2 для KONTAKT - это обширная коллекция из более чем 50 глубоко сэмплированных ударных и перкуссионных инструментов. После фантастического успеха нашей оригинальной библиотеки Drum Fury, этот второй выпуск вступает во владение и представляет совершенно новые кинематографические звуки перкуссии. В коллекции представлены многосэмплированные записи высочайшего качества, запрограммированные до совершенства.

Sample Logic - DRUM FURY 2 for KONTAKT is a vast collection of over 50 deeply sampled drums and percussion instruments. Following the fantastic success of our original Drum Fury library, this second release takes over and introduces brand new cinematic percussion sounds. The collection features multi-sampled recordings of the highest quality, programmed to perfection.


Sample Logic - DRUM FURY 2 (KONTAKT) part 1

Sample Logic - DRUM FURY 2 (KONTAKT) part 2


Travel the world with DRUM FURY 2 as this colossal collection takes you to different cultures. From a wide variety of drum kits and synthesizers to the more unusual and rare samples of the world's percussion, this collection offers powerful sounds, but with sophistication and nuance that complement exquisite compositions. Like its predecessor, DRUM FURY 2 delivers a bold and distinctive tone, while delivering a sleek, intuitive user interface based on simplicity. With a clean and easy-to-use graphical user interface, jump straight to the things you want without unnecessary clicks.
DRUM FURY 2 combines exceptional content with creativity. The intuitive user interface gives you access to basic controls for quick sound creation and quick processing. Our main goal was to create interface controls focused on simple concepts, but with the necessary tools for deeper immersion in the process and instant sound shaping. The connection between you and your virtual percussion instrument has never been more direct as DRUM FURY 2 takes an optimized user interface approach. Explore the full range of organic acoustic drums without getting lost in the interface, and use your favorite controls to select the sounds you want.
DRUM FURY 2 ups the ante on sound shaping capabilities by squeezing all the musicality out of these samples. This time around, Sample Logic has added controls that can insanely transform audio into creative beats and distorted reversed soundscapes. With the new REVERSE feature and sample launch controls, all samples (or just a select few) can be played forward or backward. Throw in a little delay / reverb and suddenly the standard hits turn into otherworldly drones, stingers, and transition effects.
Stretch just one sample across the entire keyboard with the new STRETCH button, perfect for creating high-pitched whistles or rumbling growls. Shape your new creations with a full suite of ADSR controls to simulate the amplitude envelope of every sound new in DRUM FURY 2. The low and high pass filters have been redesigned with full LFO automation to deliver harsh transformer-style effects or slower and more filtered ones.
DRUM FURY 2 is based on the idea of creating epic drums in all their many and varied forms; from deep lows to loud mids and shrill highs. Using the building blocks of DRUM FURY 2, it is very easy to combine multiple instruments together and shift each instrument using the octave shift function. This makes it very easy to create custom multi-sound designs. This collection will inspire you and become your library for creating detailed cinematic drums, from glittering metals to huge ensembles of the world.

– 51 Kontakt Construction Kit Instruments expandable to 438 chromatic percussive maps
– 1.6 GB Sample Content using lossless compression
– 3,426 audio samples with round robin playback
– MIDI controllable user interface to morph, tweak, and favorite sounds
– Edit globally or per-sample
– Sample Stretch Mode for remapping individual samples chromatically
– Powerful Mastering Tools via Energizer and Polisher

NEW – Reverse Mode to instantly play each sample in reverse
NEW – Master hi-cut and lo-cut filters with LFO modulators to easily shape and morph the sounds
NEW – Customizable ADSR knobs to adjust the gain envelope over time
NEW – Stretch Mode to access 438 single sample instruments by instantly reassigning any sample to span the entire key range
Global and Independent Performance Modes for assigning parameters
Energizer and Polisher multiprocessor effects for dynamic and dramatic sound shaping
Sample waveform view that displays the sample being triggered
Adjustable sample start slider to adjust the start point of sample playback
Pitch slider for transposing the samples
Delay and Reverb modules with presets
Favorite sound function to recall a sound every time a new instance is loaded

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