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UJAM - Virtual Drummer DEEP 2.1.1 VSTi, AAX x64

UJAM - Virtual Drummer DEEP 2.1.1 - современный барабанщик в духе 60-х и 70-х годов. Если вы хотите качественной музыки, Virtual Drummer поможет вам. DEEP - самый энергичный барабанщик UJAM, использующий традиционные жанры, такие как соул и фанк, с его пристальным вниманием к современным стилям и вневременной классике будущего.

UJAM - Virtual Drummer DEEP 2.1.1 is a modern drummer in the spirit of the 60s and 70s. If you want quality in your music, Virtual Drummer will help you. DEEP is UJAM's most energetic drummer, used in traditional genres such as soul and funk, with his close attention to contemporary styles and timeless classics of the future.


UJAM - Virtual Drummer DEEP 2.1.1 VSTi, AAX x64 part 1

UJAM - Virtual Drummer DEEP 2.1.1 VSTi, AAX x64 part 2

UJAM - Virtual Drummer DEEP 2.1.1 VSTi, AAX x64 part 3

UJAM - Virtual Drummer DEEP 2.1.1 VSTi, AAX x64 part 4


This Sweet Soul Music - Soul and funk dominated the music business in the 1960s and 1970s. And we don't think in vain! These styles were predominantly played by African American musicians such as Stevie Wonder, James Brown and Marvin Gaye. Soul music has taken the stages, turntables and musical hearts of the world by storm, driven by iconic rhythm sections like the Funk Brothers and Booker T. & The M.G.
From retro to subway, soul music emphasizes lyrics, vocal melodies and vocal harmonies. You can trace the roots back to gospel music, but without the religious factor. Typical songs emphasize melody and vocals. Soul music is much less complex than funk and has more commercial success. This means that soul drums use more basic patterns with less embellishment.
Harsh and energetic - DEEP not only encompasses soul and groove genres, but also feels right at home with pop, rock and alternative. Make your production dazzling by playing drums and bringing artistic life to your track.
The band members ... - DEEP goes well with Virtual Bassist DANDY. Although you can use DEEP yourself, the included Styles are designed to match the bass phrases in DANDY. To make it easier for you to combine the two styles, the available styles have matching names. Just choose the same Style Name in DANDY and DEEP and create perfectly aligned bass and drum parts in one go.
Incredible detail - DEEP has up to 60 layers of velocity per instrument. Hyperrealism thanks to RR allows your drums to sound like real. All sounds were recorded using vintage and modern microphones. You get absolute mixing freedom with stereo microphone pairs. Quickly customize the sound of each of the five Drum Kits: add some dirt and energy with the Grit knob or with one of our six mixing presets - from delicate and sophisticated to brutal and powerful!
Mix presets - Use mix presets to shape the overall sound. Each preset replaces an entire effect chain with multiple buses for each instrument channel and saves you time and hassle.
Mixing Section - Finish and tweak your drum mix by individually adjusting the volume of each kit component, including the individual microphone controls, before adding a little reverb.
Treat yourself to the best that a true world-class studio drummer has to offer.

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